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Smart contract development & audit experts for Blockchain Networks. Customized, secure and fully balanced.

Security is critical in the blockchain space. Our comprehensive smart contracts services helps everyone from startups to enterprises to launch and maintain their Blockchain applications.

Our industry-leading suite of Blockchain security analysis tools, combined with hands-on review from our veteran smart contract auditors, ensures that your Blockchain applications are ready for launch and built to protect users.

Now, you can build your dApps with experts in latest security and development standards in Blockchain.

Our Services Portfolio

We are a expert development team helping companies and projects to maximize their potential with blockchain solutions.


Smart contracts are automated digital contracts built using blockchain technology. More efficient, secure and cheaper, our contracts are essential for any business using blockchain.


Full engagement or custom dApps development services. We offers smart solutions for an optimal user experience, with frontends simples and intuitives.


Security properties testing to detect any vulnerability prior to deployment, and avoid costly smart contract rewrites.


We offer authorized support to launch your own crypto project through the launchpad.


Because security is a very important aspect in the blockchain world, we audit and certify smart contracts to ensure that all works in a secure way.


Our online identity verification process offers maximum security guarantees for blockchain-based businesses and projects.

Some Of Our Projects


Tres Leches Cake

Binance Smart Chain | Cardano | Solana

Tres Leches Cake is the most inspiring cake in the dessert family. Is complete with different tastes. With this in mind, it bring you a crypto that you can taste. The main goal of this token is to create a community effort to assist the feature students in having a fantastic education via scholarship donations. After all, the token is driven by the community, and the options are endless.

Around 1K Holders | NFT Platform | Staking Platform


CFG Ninja Token

Ethereum | Binance Smart Chain | Polygon | Cronos

Our dedicated token:

  • Name: CFG Ninja (CFG)
  • Decimals: 9
  • Contract: 0x5CA60c5e0Df639FA827CE9834e05CD42D095b0EB
  • Supply: 1,420,069
  • Burned: 420,069
  • Taxes 0%

Audit discounts for holders | VIP Group access


cfg ninja token logo
Stake Protocol Logo

Stake Protocol

Binance Smart Chain

Stake Protocol introduces high frequency positive rebase system every 30 minutes for up to 137,640.83% APY (2% Daily), on top of the core faucet return daily of 1% Daily for 365 days, for a total of up to 3% daily!
However, we manage this is a way that is more sustainable that existing protocols.

Low Supply | Staking Platform


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